TLAYT – News Release 3

New book launches

On 28th June TLAYT launched the new audio book, e-book and soft back printed editions of ‘Encounters in Yoga and Zen’ and ‘,Lotus Lake Dragon Pool’, together with the new e-book edition of ‘The Complete Commentary by Sankara on the Yoga Sutras’. The Buddhist Society kindly agreed to act as our host at a launch day event held at 58 Eccleston Square and the speakers included Dr Desmond Biddulph for the Buddhist Society, Peter Longcroft and Michael Baker for TLAYT and Peter Anthony Monk, the composer and performer of the music that was produced for the two audiobooks. We were delighted that among those who attended  were Judith Clark  of the Zen Group, who wrote an introduction and read some of the stories in ’Encounters in Yoga and Zen’, Malcolm Hodkinson the TLAYT Vice President, Bernard Alexander former TLAYT trustee and Treasurer, Jonathan Miller the MD of M-Y Books Ltd who produced and is distributing the e-books and softback books for TLAYT and who is also distributing the audiobooks, and many others who came from from Buddhist, Zen, Yoga and Judo organisations.

TLAYT are delighted that a publishing agreement has been signed with the Buddhist Society to publish new softback editions of a number of Trevor Leggett’s books which have been out of print for some time. Super new editions of ‘Zen and the Ways’ and ‘Three Ages of Zen’ are now available at a price of £12.99 each and they are being distributed by Kodansha International. In the Spring of 2018 the two Zen readers ‘A First Zen Reader’ and ‘The Tiger’s Cave’ will be published by the Buddhist Society and a launch day will be held at 58 Eccleston Square to mark the occasion and at which we hope to show the film of Trevor Leggett’s life and work, ’Man of the Ways’ which was produced for TLAYT by Dr Diana Birch and her charity ‘Youth Support’. Full details will be given a bit nearer the time.

Trevor Leggett’s book of Judo stories in the Zen tradition, ‘The Dragon Mask’, has been republished by Ukemi Productions Ltd in both e-book and soft back editions and they are available from Amazon now at a price of £5.36 and £6.15 respectively.

TLAYT is working on producing its own e-book edition of ‘Jewels from the IndraNet’ and it will hopefully be available early in the New Year. It will have its own new cover that will be designed by a student of Sussex Coast College, Hastings, the winner of the College’s design completion that is being sponsored by the Trust.

Website Developments is not an interactive site although questions and comments can be sent to the trustees using the contact form on the site. However, a lot of work has been done on the development of a new interactive site that will allow discussion and questions amongst those interested in Yoga, Vedanta, Zen, Buddhism, Judo and Shogi. Initially our thoughts were to have a completely separate site called tlayt-Hub but it has become clear that we can best offer this facility from within our existing site and this is now being developed as a new section of the site called  the Forum. The Forum will allow people who have visited the site or have read books or articles  by Trevor Leggett  to post comments and questions on the site and hopefully some interesting and  valuable discussions will result. However there are some essential Forum rules that all who register to use the Forum must comply with or the TLAYT Moderator will take action! The Forum development is being finalised and should be ready for use soon. An announcement will appear on the Home Page when registration can commence.

Also included on the site since our last news page is the Privacy and Cookies policy, Health and fitness information and the Terms and Conditions that apply to everyone who uses  the site. There are also  additional Rules and Terms and Conditions for those using the Forum.